Ultimate RaceCars LLC specializes in Legends car setup and repair. We can handle anything from a simple lollipop replacement to a complete cage repair. All of our parts are made in house to ensure the best price and most tolerance control. We manufacture top quality front and rear clips, interior panels, and many other parts.

We also now carry a full line of USLC parts including a full line of fiberglass body panels.  We are also a dealer for all major safety equipment companies so we can out fit you with helmets, fire suits, gloves and head and neck safety devices.

Ultimate Racecars LLC offers complete alignment and setups services for both asphalt and dirt Legends race cars. The cost for an alignment and setup starts at $200 (additional cost will be determined by any damaged parts that need to be replaced). Below is a list of services conducted during the alignment and setup:

  • All springs rated
  • Front-end alignment
  • Rear-end alignment
  • Shocks checked for damage
  • Suspension parts checked for damage
  • Car is scaled
  • Complete setup sheet is given to the customer
URC002 Front clip $325.00
URC002-K Front clip (no kick-ups) $300.00
URC004 Rear clip $90.00
URC004-K Rear clip (no kick-ups) $60.00

Front clip installation (no kick-ups) – $150.00
Rear clip installation (no kick-ups) – $40.00