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October 12, 2015 - Jeff Schmuhl Takes His 2015 Ultimate Chassis to 6 wins and 2 Championships

11s oshkosh championship

Jeff Schmuhl picked up his 2015 Ultimate RaceCars sportmod roller this spring and found immediate success.  Schmuhl picked up 6 feature wins and 11 heat race wins along with two IMCA SportMod track championships at Dodge County Speedway and the Oshkosh Speedzone.  Congratulations to Jeff on a great season!

February 16, 2015 - NEW Ultimate RaceCars Sportmod Trailing Arm Mounts

We are pleased to release and updated version of our popular sportmod trailing arm mounts.  The trailing arm mount location remains the same however we have redesigned the shock mount to accept Wehrs Machine swivel shock mounts.  The mounts are sold complete as pictured with all the hardware and shock mounts you will need.  These retail for $150 per side.

20150116_092946 20150116_092918